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A Single Sign-In for All Your Websites? You bet! The SHOE International Network runs several of the most popular websites for lesbians worldwide. We are working on bringing you all the lesbian sites with just on single sign-in. Keep your eyes peeled.

Our Lesbian Network includes popular sites such as:

The growing popularity of the SHOE Lesbian Community is a testament to the dedication with which the two SHOE Network. Founders Sunci Nikolic & Fab Syz operate the site. The success of SHOE can be attributed in part, to their tireless efforts towards cultivating a safe and friendly environment for lesbian, bisexual and transsexual women from all walks of life.

Lesbian Social Network SHOE wins Stonewall Award for outstanding Contributions 4th June 2010

SHOE wins Stonewall Award for outstanding Contributions 4th June 2010 On Friday Evening, 4th June at 6.45 pm the Jury the decision was made. After the Video Portraits and Interviews of all 3 Nominees, the Jury proudly announced this Years Winner of the Stonewall Awards 2010 for Outstanding Contributions for the LGBT Community. And the winners are Sunci and Fab, Owners of the Lesbian Social Networking Site SHOE.

Created in 1997 as one of the first lesbian online communities, the site has evolved into one of the largest lesbian social networking sites, boasting 200'000 members spanning across 140 countries worldwide.

The SHOE Lesbian Community is a one stop lesbian portal for women of all ages; in or out of the closet; in relationships or single and looking. Women can create their own profile; share photos; add videos and playlists, write blogs; browse through the classifieds; have fun in the chatrooms; or participate in forum discussions - all for free.

SHOE Founders Sunci and Fab are pioneers in their own right, whose efforts have forever changed the virtual face of the lesbian world. Their cheeky approach "We no longer burn our bras but wear wonder bras with pride" got them into a spot of trouble. "Clubs were boycotting our Flyers, saying they were sexist" explains Fab. "We also were under attack by feminists for our slogan "Totally Girl Powered" ­ demanding to have it changed to "Totally Woman Powered." Those days were wild but thankfully the world has moved forward."

Since then, the SHOE Lesbian Community has gained International acclaim. Awards include "Best Online Portal 2006," "Lesbian Personality of the Year 2005," "Faces of the Year 2001," and an important nomination for the "Pride/Stonewall Award" in 2004 for outstanding contributions to the lesbian and gay community.

"It's our mission to provide a safe haven for our members, in a concerted effort to insulate them from online perils," says Fab. Their newly introduced "User Verification System" is just one small measure implemented towards preserving a safe place in the virtual world. "It's an ongoing effort which takes up most of our time but we're only too happy to take on this challenge for another 10 years," adds Sunci.

Sunci & Fab offer a down-to-earth "feel right at home" appeal with their SHOE site, providing women who love women with an ideal place to meet, flirt, chat, share photos and above all, have some good old-fashioned fun within a cyber-playground.

SHOE Relaunched 19:13 15 Nov 2009

SHOE Power We’re happy to announce that the SHOE Lesbian Community has been relaunched with enhanced features and new graphical user interface to better facilitate user friendless among SHOE members.

Our Top Priorities were:
» User Friendliness
» Implementation of users inputs and feedbacks
» Push Interactivity, Used State of the Art Technology
» Design


Totally Girl Powered
The SHOE Network has gained international acclaim.

Awards include:

» 2010 Pride/Stonewall Award

» 2006 Best Online Portal

» 2005 Lesbian Personality of the Year

» 2004 Pride/Stonewall Award Nomination

» 2001 Faces of the Year